I worked everyday in the summertime.
My days off were raining all the time.
I'd call you up and ask you out around six.
We'd spend the night on the town of hicks.
We'd go walking outside in white shoes.
Get wet and curse out in tune.
And the pitch would change.
And we'd shout out the names.
Of the people we wished were all dead.

It's easy to pull the trigger.
But hard to face the results.
It's easy to point the finger.
But hard to shake your faults.
It's easy to mix your vigor.
But hard to make it disolve, disolve.
I gotta get my life together.
Or I'll end up losing it all.

We'd sleep in 'til the next day.
Wouldn't want to do much play.
We wouldn't even talk, and we wouldn't even fuck.
So I guess we've nothing to say.
You'd stay long enough for some tea.
Maybe even some cookies and cream.
And when you went home.
I was all on my own.
And I started to sing this song.