Dancing on the roof.
On a midsummers afternoon.
Dancing on the roof.
Just me and you.

Suddenly a bird flys overhead.
And crashes to the ground.
He shouts out in one last breath.
"None of this was my fault."
"Why'd I have to die?"

Michael lives across the street.
With his B.B. gun and guilty grin.
He knows that we know.
And he doesn't give a shit.

His mother calls him from the pourch.
"Dinner's ready soon."
He heads inside and cleans up.
While we clean up his mistakes.

Michael heads out after dinner.
On his bike to go play.
He meets up with his friends.
And they carve up the alleyway.

Michael was going way too fast.
To stop when the car struck his ass.
His mother came running out.
Screaming "God, none of this was his fault."
"Why'd he have to die?"
And he said.
"It's just life."