Into Debt

In too deep.
Into debt.
In too deep.
Into debt.

I've got bills in a pile on table.
No money, credibility is a fable.
I've got obituary clippings,
In my picture album taped to all the faces.
I've got cigarette butts in the ashtray,
They've seen more action than my social life.
They're just burning away, burning away,
Like bodies piled, they listen to my problems.

I've got circles under my eyes,
From too many worrisome late nights,
Thinking about what I'm doing with my life.
Turning in every direction I can't read street signs at night.
I've got people that hate me,
I owe them too much money.
I've been running through life,
With my head cut off my shoulders,
And all I can think about is where I hid the knife.