Peeping Thom

Stand by the window I like to watch you when you get undressed at night.
I'm watching you shower hiding underneath the sink out of sight.
I'm lying with my dick in hand listening to you have sex real deep.
And watch the way the hair lays over your eyes when you sleep.

I must be sick.
I must be alright.

I'm Peeping Thom,
Nice to meet you nice to eat you.
I'm Peeping Thom,
Wanna taste you with my breakfast, ou ou ou ou.

I know your dog now and he knows me,
I have clippings of hair from you both.
I have these pictures I stole from your photo album,
Hey now I know your folks. (Mike & Judy)
I can never arrive on your door,
And say here's some flowers I love you,
I just assume that you are my property,
That you love me that I have super powers.