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Short Version

Andrew Spicer is a one-man-rock-band from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada. He operates with a DIY approach; creating all the backing tracks from scratch and engineering a unique system on which to do it. Consisting of a laptop, guitar and vocals, the band might only have one member, but has the sound of a full rock band.

He has played as a solo unit since the early 2000's. Having been in full bands over the years, Andrew discovered the freedom of making music his own way on his own not previously available while in a band with other musicians.

Andrew's songs are built with heavy, punky guitar riffs mixed with catchy pop melodies.

He has released 3 full length albums and 3 EP's since 2006, and new album Bi-Polar Bear out in early 2018 featuring the lead single "Astronaut".

Long Version

I used to experiment with recording my own music as far back as 2000 and
have been writing songs as far back as the mid-90's. Being involved with
different failed bands over the years, I always came back to writing and
recording on my own. It always gave me a sense of freedom.

In 2005, I was living in Halifax, and playing in one of these bands; that
I didn't feel excited about anymore. Being a solo songwriter, working with
other musicians, in a co-operative situation, has never been something I was
good at. The creative direction of my songs, was more and more being taken
out of my hands, and being placed in those of the band.

By early 2006, I was reminded of my history recording songs on my own, and
recalled the sense of freedom it brought me. Considering the opposing feeling
I was having from being in this band, I decided to leave the city, and move
back home to New Glasgow. Where I began working on my own terms.

In the fall of that year, I started to write some songs on an old, acoustic
guitar, that had only four, old, rusty, strings. These songs were then released,
on a 4 track EP of a similar name. They were burned on CD-R's and the jackets
were printed at a local copy centre. I then mailed them out to anybody who
was interested in them.

Starting in the winter of 2006, I moved on to recording the album that I was
wanting to make years ago, before I moved up to Halifax.
Flower Petals & Smokescreens was released in the spring of 2007. I then
started to plan how I could promote it and play live. Having really no idea
what I was doing in that aspect of the music business. Nothing really happened
except playing a local open mic as a one-man-rock-band.

During the middle to end, of 2008, I had a song featured on a local radio
station as well as an interview. I was currently working on a follow-up album;
Vacation. Which I managed to sell a small number of copies of. After it's
release, I was starting to feel that I was not getting anywhere musically
and publicly. I still played open mics but, found myself again in a place I
was unhappy with. Playing acoustic guitars instead, of bringing my laptop
and electric guitar, like I had always done. I took a few years off, to
figure out what I was doing.

2011 saw a slight return, as I entered the RPM challenge; An internet based,
self-challenge to write, and record an album, during the confines, of the month
of, February. I started recording a third album; Conspicuous Light. This was
supposed to be my way back into music. However, it still wasn't enough for me
to stick with it. I was still discouraged, and gave up entirely on guitar.
It wasn't until the winter of 2014, that I had an overbearing desire, to pick
up the guitar again. I was at the time, stuck in a thankless, dead-end job.
I was longing for that freedom again. This time however, I'd do things right.
I would overhaul my entire approach, and start fresh.

In May 2015, I began practicing again. I had gone through all of my materal,
and started to hear it all with new ears. It gave me a newfound appreciation
of myself, and my music. There it was; that sense of freedom again, that I
had lost sight of. Soon, new songs started to form, and I had the foundation
for a new record.

My first time back, playing in front of an audience, was Art At Night,
on May 7th 2016. It reminded me of what I could have been doing, all these
years. Booking my own shows was the next step, and I couldn't wait to get
back on stage.

This year, I have been recording a lot of these new songs, that I had been
working on since my 'return.' Releasing a new single; 'Astronaut', on
July 29th, which was professionally mixed, by Justin Felix, at Compact Audio.
A music video is also in the works, for the single. I hope that later this
year, I can get the new album released.

This long journey has taught me, to never forget why I started doing this
in the first place; freedom.