The follow up album to Flower Petals, Vaction is a long ride into the ever evolving songwriting talents of Andrew Spicer. The synthesizer appearances have
been tamed down but the pop songs and melodies have grown to fill the gap with songs like Along Came Something I Didn't Expect, 2073 and Humblefly.


01. Point of Observation2:42lyrics
02. Bar Fight2:22lyrics
03. It Never Happened5:33lyrics
04. Competitive Rats2:42lyrics
05. Angry Thunder4:47lyrics
06. Michael2:35lyrics
07. Along Came Something I Didn't Expect2:32lyrics
08. Flowplow3:42lyrics
09. In The Night (Car Crash)3:43lyrics
10. Shampoo3:33lyrics
11. Humblefly4:27lyrics
12. On The Moon4:22lyrics
13. Zen Attic2:56lyrics
14. Watermain5:03lyrics
15. 20735:10lyrics
00. Divine (hidden track)2:25lyrics