Flower Petals & Smokescreens

The debut album from one man band Andrew Spicer, mixes punky guitar riffs and synthesizers with a drum machine to a get a unique blend of indie rock.
Loaded back to back with well crafted, catchy and sometimes bizare songs, this album stands out as a landmark record of Andrew's ongoing songwriting


01. Time3:20lyrics
02. What Does It Matter?3:20lyrics
03. Saviour of the Erroneous Power4:38lyrics
04. Swiss Tease3:30lyrics
05. Peeping Thom3:27lyrics
06. Makebelieve3:02lyrics
07. One Sided Room2:46lyrics
08. Flower Petals & Smokescreens4:40lyrics
09. Wholes & Halfs3:45lyrics
10. Poppy Grand4:25lyrics
11. My Baby Was A Faggot2:06lyrics
12. Penny3:30lyrics
13. Sleep5:07lyrics
00. Out The Window (hidden track)5:43lyrics